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Salad and Vegetable Propagation


New for the 2017 season

Premier Plant Producers will be installing New Demtech Blocking lines to increase production and block quality. The new Machines will be equipped with Phyto-drip technology for more information contact the main office.


Premier Plants propagate a wide variety of salad and vegetable plants ranging from the many different types of lettuce to cauliflowers, cabbages, sprouts and even more specialised crops like leeks, pumpkins, celery and celeriac. There are too many to list. Why not contact us and find out more.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and the conventional crops follow an effective spray programme designed around the needs of our customers to achieve the best start possible. Our experienced team are kept up to date with all the latest chemicals and techniques by some of the county's leading agronomists. We offer full traceability throughout, making available to all our customers chemical application records for each individual batch grown.

Premier Plant Producers use our own fleet of lorries and experienced drivers who know how important their cargo is to our customers and ensure that plants are delivered on time in good condition and any empty trays and boxes are collected.


3.8 cm blocks are the smallest block size that we can produce. This block size is often used by customers who are based some distance from our site so that they may get more plants per delivery therefore reducing transport costs.

3.8cm Blocks at Premier plant producers



4 cm blocks - This is our standard block size and is particularly suited to automatic planting.


4cm Blcos at Premier plant's



6.0 cm blocks - These are available over the winter and are the largest pressed block that we produce. They are designed to produce a larger plant that will in turn increase winter production.


&cm Blocks at premier plant producers


Premier Plant Producers also grow loose formed modules or LFM’s as we like to call them.

216’s are our most popular cell size best suited to brassica and salad production.

216 LFMGrown at Premier Plants




345’s are a smaller cell size mainly used for spring cabbage but also well suited for leeks, celeriac and late sowings.

345 Trays at premier plant


All the above mentioned products are available in both a conventional growing system with an effective spray programme and also available grown using organic methods following standards set out by the Soil Association.

Click here for GlobalG.A.P CertificateClick here For Soil Association Certificate