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Tray plants


A tray plant is a strawberry plant that is grown with a potential crop built into the crown then frozen in cold storage until it is time for them to be used. These are often referred to as a 60 day plant.

We grow two varieties at Premier Plants - Elsanta and Sonata. Both are best suited but not limited to indoor glasshouse production.

Strawberry Tray Plant Production at Premier plant



Elsanta is a June bearing plant that yields well. It produces nice conical shaped fruit with a long shelf life and its great taste make it one of the most popular varieties grown today.

Sonata is similar to Elsanta. It is a June bearing plant that again produces good quality shaped fruit and a great taste and texture. It produces more first class fruit but it can often make smaller berries towards the end of the season.

Sonata Tray plants at Premier Plant



The tray plants start life as a tip in early July and following strict feeding and crop husbandry techniques grow through until late November/ December. Using flower mapping we decide on the optimum time for packing. They are then put into cold storage to lay dormant until dispatch.



Tip Propagation


Micro propagated mother plants are planted up early march and are grown to produce tips for late June early July. This way we can control all aspects of plant production from mother plants through to tip cutting and cold storage.


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